Yearly meeting w/tech talk: Task::Kensho – Perl Module recommendations for 2022

  • When: 2021-11-17 17:30
  • Where: TBD
  • Join us at Meetup

We start off with our yearly meeting, to elect our board and approve our accounts and budget. Please check out our bylaws for details on this!

17:30 Yearly meeting

18:00 Task::Kensho – Perl Module recommendations for 2022 – Chris “perigrin” Prather

19:00 Socializing

Chris “perigrin” Prather (Orlando Perl Mongers) is a well-know Perl Monger from Orlando, Florida. He is the original author of Task::Kensho, and has several decades worth of experience as a Perl developer and community organizer, earning him the 2015 White Camel award for his efforts.

Chris will be discussing the background for the Task::Kensho recommendations, including what an update in 2022 would look like. After the 40-minute presentation, we’ll have a Q&A!

We’re organizing this as a physical meetup, with streaming and online participation. Details around location, our Yearly activity report (Årsberetning), Accounting report (Regnskap), budget and any proposed changes to the bylaws will be sent to our announcement mailing list, and posted on our main website.

Around 19:00-19:30, we go out for beer and maybe some food.