Perl Programming Masterclass w/Damian Conway

  • When: 2014-03-24 09:00
  • Where: TBD
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This class explores a range of advanced programming techniques, that are especially suited to Perl development.

Topics covered include:

Closure based programming

• Declarative subroutine signatures

• Named and Anonymous Closures

• Closures for inversion of control

• Smart matching for inversion of control

Scope vs accessibility vs context vs lifespan

• Fundamental concepts and consequences

• Lexical hints (the %^H variable)

• Aliases

Functional programming approaches in Perl

• Higher order functions

• Streaming and reduction instead of looping

• Functional programming modules

• Gathering instead of accumulating

Failure signalling and error handling

• The autodie module

• Contingent exceptions

Who should attend:

Experienced Perl developers looking to take the next step up to more powerful, more efficient, and more maintainable implementation techniques

This course is organized by Oslo Perl Mongers in cooperation with Damian Conway and Redpill Linpro, and 25% of it's profits will go to funding further activities for

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