Nordic Perl Workshop and Mojoconf

in Teknologihuset

6 - 7 September, 2018

Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 Call for Papers

Nordic Perl Workshop & Mojoconf 2018 will be held in Oslo, on September 6th and 7th.

The conference topic is “Perl in the cloud”, with focus on web development, and deployment methods. We are pleased to announce that we will have members from the Mojolicious core team attending and a track dedicated to the Mojolicious real-time web framework.

Ticket information

We’re interested in hearing about your talks on these topics:

  • Web development with the Perl and/or the Mojolicious Web Framework
  • Perl & Containers
  • Using Perl in Cloud Infrastructure
  • Perl used in new and novel ways
  • Relevant cross-language and web-development talks
  • Other relevant Perl talks

We accept these presentation types:

  • Standard Talks (45 minutes)
  • Short Talks (20 minutes)
  • Lightning Talks (5 minutes)

There will also be opportunity for Birds-of-a-Feather sessions during the workshop. If you want to attend the workshop as a speaker, please send an abstract of your talk - see the submission section below for details.

Standard and Short Talks

A standard talk is the preferred format. This gives enough time to introduce a topic, presenting it with some slides and a coverage of the main points leading up to later, hopefully more in-depth, discussions (possibly at a BOF). For special subjects which require more time, we may schedule an Extended Talk instead. If you really can’t fill the full 45 minutes, feel free to submit a short talk.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are brief talks that focus on a single example, idea, project, or technique. The purpose is not to cover all aspects of the respective topics, but rather to present a facet of the idea clearly and succinctly. Lightning talks are an excellent forum for first-time speakers. Due to the time- constraint on lightning talks (5 min), we recommend that you either abstain from using slides, or have a presentation setup that you can set up in just a few seconds. In addition, we recommend that you bring a backup of your slides on a USB drive, or have it available on a website.


To submit a proposal for a talk/presentation, please register your proposed title and an abstract through

Submissions are due on June 1th 2018. Submitters will be notified within two weeks whether or not their talks have been accepted. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to confirm within 48 hours that you in fact will give the talk; otherwise, your slot may be given to someone else.

If you have something which does not fit the formats listed please feel free to contact us anyway and we will evaluate it.

Please include the following with your abstract(s):

  • A little information about yourself (and possibly an link to an image of your choosing - preferably of yourself).
  • An indication of preferred language and possible languages the presentation can be given in.
  • The expected minimum level of knowledge of your target audience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • An indication of the length of the presentation.
  • A listing of any requirements you might have for doing your presentation.

We will try to accommodate your request. Projectors and internet connection will be available for all talks.

If possible, please include a link to your slides/paper ready for online publishing. The files are also accepted just after talk ends, so we can include any last minute modifications.

We take the liberty of filming presentations. If you are not interested in being filmed during your presentation, please let us know in advance.

Here is what we can offer for your lecture: (does not apply for lightning talk speakers)

  • Free admittance
  • A chance to meet a lot of Perl people
  • If you have any special requests which have to do with fee and payment please contact us at

Thank you; we hope you will participate either as a speaker or as an attendee.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Preliminary important dates

  • June 1st - Proposals due
  • June 8th - Notification of acceptance
  • June 10th - Final confirmation for accepted proposals/programme available
  • August 15th - Closing of Registration
  • Sep 6th-7th - The 2018 Nordic Perl Workshop

With regards

From the Program Committee.

Marcus Ramberg