Mojoconf 2014 - Wiki - hackathon

Got something you want to hack on during the Sunday? Write it down and let people engage.

Mojolicious core

Sebastian Riedel wants to play with Perl 5.20 features such as subroutine signatures and find out what we can do with them in Mojolicious.

Mojolicious plugins

Joel Berger (‎jberger‎) wants to write more wrappers for useful web services. Which ones?
Dotan Dimet (‎dotandimet‎) wants to update and release Mojolicious::Plugin::Alias.

Mojo extensions

Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎) wants to figure out a better design for Mojo::Redis.
Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎) wants to figure out if EXPERIMENTAL can be removed from Mandel.

Mojolicious doc/marketing

vincent HETRU wants to create another tutorial for mojolicious.
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Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎) wants to fix Convos bugs.


Jan Henning Thorsen (‎batman‎) wants to help out and answer questions about Mojolicious and Perl in general. Please poke me if you're up to no good.
Glen Hinkle (‎tempire‎) wants to tweet and check his Facebooks.