Mojoconf 2014 - Sponsors

Mojoconf proudly presents ABC Startsiden as main sponsor.

ABC Startsiden

ABC Startsiden AS is a Norwegian internet and media company. The company runs,, (TV-guiden). The startpage is one of the most commonly used websites in Norway and is guiding the users to relevant content. The TV-guiden is the most used one for mobile in Norway and has also a version for Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The business is ad financed.

Gold sponsor

Y3o is a coworking space in Oslo with a blend of technology and culture startups, trying to make the world both better and more interesting.

Bronze sponsor

AirTelco is an italian company which provides a unified communication platform called "Ravendesk": SMS, Email and Voice. The Backend is proudly developed in perl and we are working to port frontend in perl too with Mojoliciuous.
Stay tuned!

Want to be a sponsor?

Mojolicious is an amazing real-time web framework for the Perl programming language. Well designed for fast deployment, testing, and integration with anything you can shake Perl at.

Within the Mojolicious and Perl community there is a strong sense of loyalty and brand awareness. Sponsoring this conference is a good way to present your brand positively to the attendees, enabling you to build up your company's image.

We would like to help you create a meaningful relationship, providing you with opportunities not only for advertising, but for making contacts and even recruiting.

Should you have any questions, feedback, or if you have already decided to sponsor mojoconf please contact us through the following email address: