March meeting: Presenting Mojolicious Nine Point Oh! with Joel Berger

  • When: 2021-03-03 18:30
  • Where: Online; Please join the meetup to get participation details
  • Join us and sign up at Meetup

Presenting Mojolicious Nine Point Oh!

In this presentation, Mojolicious Core Team member Joel Berger will discuss some of the features of the recent Mojolicious 9.0 release and how they can improve your web (and async) applications.

The first part of this meeting will be streamed and published on YouTube.

The second part of this meetup (when we’re done with the above part), we will continue with a closed session where the participants at the meetup can join the conversation with Joel! This is a great opportunity to learn new tips and tricks on this topic from one of the most experienced Perl developers out there. This part will not be streamed or published, and is only available to registered participants.

Access to the second part is given to those who sign up on our meetup page.

COVID-19 Considerations & maximum participants

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Oslo, we will be conducting this meetup online only. There is no maximum limit to the online participation. Make sure to sign up!


- Joel Berger, the speaker

Joel Berger is a Mojolicious Core Team member. He has a Ph.D. in Instrumentation Physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and works at ServerCentral Turing Group. He lives in Chicago with his wife and 2 year old son.

- Oslo Perl Mongers, the organizer is Norway’s largest network of developers who use Perl, CPAN, Raku and related technologies and communities. We’re Open Source participants, open to both experienced and new members. If you or your company depend on the Perl, CPAN or Raku ecosystems, this is the community where you want to be.

- Yourself, the participant

You are interested in Perl, web publishing, Mojolicious or async programming, and would like to get the latest take on these topics. If your company depends on Mojolicous, but you don’t have much time to follow everything closely, then this meeting may be for you!

- Preparations

Beyond setting up the usual tools for online participation (eg. sitting in a quiet environment, listening with headphones and having a decent microphone), no other preparations are required. We do recommend you check out the following, though:

And finally, Please stay safe!