December meeting: Looking forward to Perl 7, with brian d foy

  • When: 2021-01-06 18:30
  • Where: offices, St. Olavs plass 2, Oslo
  • Join us and sign up at Meetup

[This meeting has been postponed from October due to brian having been summoned to fight fires in the US North-West, and from December due to stricter Covid-19 rules in Oslo. We apologize for this inconvenience]

How may we prepare for Perl 7?

We have invited brian d foy to speak about the upcoming major release of Perl! With us, he’ll make dive into the rationale behind this release, what to expect and how to transition your own codebase to the new version.

The first part of this meeting will be done online and later published on YouTube.

The second part of this meetup (when we’re done with the above part), we will continue with a closed session where the participants at the meetup can join the conversation with brian! This is a great opportunity to learn new tips and tricks on this topic from one of the most experienced Perl developers out there. This part will not be streamed or published.

Access to the second part is given to those who sign up on our meetup page.

COVID-19 Considerations & maximum participants

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Oslo, we are limiting the event to 10 people. Make sure to sign up!

Furthermore, please DO NOT sign up if you have done any following:

  • Have ANY flu-like symptoms
  • Have recently traveled from/to a red region/country outside of Oslo
  • Are in a high-risk group for COVID-19

Hand washing facilities will be available at the entrance, and antibac in the meeting room. We recommend bringing a facemask and wearing it if necessary.

The considerations above will be updated if the Norwegian health authorities publish updates to their recommendations. Please check back here in case of updates.

When attending, we request you to follow these instructions:

  • Follow any instructions demanded by local or national health autorities.
  • Allow us to register your name and phone number in case infection is detected later.
  • Notify the organizers if you are tested positive for COVID-19 in the following weeks.


- brian d foy, the speaker

brian is a prolific author of many well-known books on Perl and Raku, and has been a cornerstone in the Perl community for well over two decades. His books have introduced Perl to thousands of developers, and he is still active writing about Perl and Raku and offering training classes to both beginning and experienced developers.

brian is preparing his 8th edition of the seminal Learning Perl book, and is currently working on a guide for transitioning from Perl 5 to 7.

- Oslo Perl Mongers, the organizer is the largest network of developers who use and care about Perl, CPAN, Raku and related technologies and communities. We’re all about Open Source, and have members with deep and wide experiences in these. If you or your company cares about or depends on the Perl, CPAN or Raku ecosystems, this is the community where you want to be!

-, the venue host is a Norwegian tech startup that has found much success with Perl, Mojolicious and CPAN. The company is currently expanding into Germany, and therefore looking for talent with strong skills in these and other technologies.

- Yourself, the participant

Beyond the normal COVID-19 preparations, none are required. We do recommend you check out the following, though:

Finally, Please make sure you carefully follow our COVID-19 considerations above!