November meetup, yearly meeting with technical talks

We start off with our yearly meeting, to elect our board and approve our accounts and budget.

18:00 Yearly meeting

19:00 Talk 1: Re-implementing in a modern web framework - Geir Aalberg was introduced in 2007 to deliver meteorological data to, but is also used by government agencies, public companies and mobile apps. After ten years of "if it works, don't fix it" it is given a facelift, new functionality, better performance, continuous integration and vastly improved testing. Did anyone mention Scala?

ca 19:30 Talk 2: DBIx::TempDB: Mocking a database sucks. Use the real deal - Jan Henning Thorsen (batman)

Live-coding the Mojolicious Blog example using DBIx::TempDB

ca 20:00-20:30 We go out for beer and maybe some food.