Mojo hands-on tutorial

Wednesday Movember 7th, we'll be building a real time web application in the Mojolicious framework! :)

  • Topic: Mojo Hands-on tutorial
  • Time: Wednesday Movember 7th, 2012 at 18:30
  • Place: Noworking, Youngstorget 3, Oslo (doorbell says "Nordaaker")
  • Map:

Marcus Ramberg invites to his "Noworking" co-working facility at Nordaaker, where he's going to help us go through all the steps of creating a web application with Mojolicious. Bring your laptop!

We'll be looking at all the steps for creating a proper web application with Mojolicious, including:

  • Making a super-quick prototype with Mojo::Lite
  • How routing and rendering works
  • Web Sockets, and what you can do with it in Mojo
  • How to make use of NoSQL stores like Redis in your app
  • Test-driven development with Mojo::Test
  • Deployment strategies
  • ...and more!

This will be a hands-on evening with Marcus showing us good ways for developing the app, and the rest of us following his example on our own laptops. Jan Henning has offered to help too! :)

To join the fun, please bring the following:

  • Your laptop
  • Installed with Perl v5.14 or newer (We recommend App::perlbrew -
  • Your brain and your good humour :)

Hope to see you there!

P.S. if you plan on coming, please drop by our IRC channel on and tell us!

  • Marcus
  • Jan Henning
  • Salve