Nordic perl workshop and Mojoconf

in Oslo

6 - 7 September, 2018

IMPORTANT! The following information is tentative!

Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 will be held in Oslo in Oslo, 6 - 7 September, 2018.

The conference topic is “Perl in the cloud”, with focus on web development, and deployment methods. We are pleased to announce that we will have members from the Mojolicious core team attending and a track dedicated to the Mojolicious real-time web framework.

On the following Saturday, we’re hosting a Perl hackathon. Do you have anything you want to hack on? Let us know!


We are working on finding a venue for the conference.


Sponsoring this conference is a good way to present your brand positively to the attendees, enabling you to build up your company’s image within the Perl community.

We would like to help you create a meaningful relationship, providing you with opportunities not only for advertising, but for making contacts and even recruiting.

Should you have any questions, feedback, or if you have already decided to sponsor mojoconf please contact us by sending an email to

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