Perl 6 Patterns Hackathon 2012 invitation

You’re hereby invited to Oslo Perl Monger’s first hackathon in 2012!

Core facts


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The preliminary schedule.


Oslo Perl Mongers’ organizers are Jan Ingvoldstad (frettled), Karl Rune Nilsen (krunen) and Salve J. Nilsen (sjn).

About the hackathon

What does one do at a hackathon? The short answer is * ;). The long answer: Whatever is necessary, interesting, fun or useful to do when you get an opportunity to work with someone in the same room as yourself. It’s useful to have some opportunities to handle issues that require high- bandwidth communication, and hackathons are one of those. You’ll also get opportunities to meet core Perl 6 hackers and learn or improve your knowledge of the language.

As for the topic, it’s a guideline. We as organizers would like to see more people hack on Perl 6-related projects, and have realized that it would be useful to spend some attention on making it easier to recruit new people. This might mean we spend some time making cool examples to use in promotional material, to look for patterns in the language that can be used to make it easier to teach Perl 6, or to create the words and images that let people recognize we have something utterly cool going on in the Perl 6 community.

We want Perl 6 to be understandable and easily teachable to both students and experienced developers and teachers. We’d love to spend some time improving this aspect of the language.

If you’d like to participate, register above! :)

And failing that, remember: Do something cool, and tell about it! :D

Keeping up-to-date

Too keep up-to-date with the preparations, check out our status page.

Our internal notes.



Finally, we’d like to thank our sponsors: Jan Ingvoldstad IT, NUUG Foundation and Oslo Perl Mongers. If you’d like to help make this event better, please get in touch with us.

See you in Oslo!

Kind regards,